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Clear and Comfortable Appliances

Clear and Comfortable Appliances

We utilize the latest in comfortable braces with rounded edges by Damon and Pitts to not only minimize discomfort but to speed treatment along and in most instances between one and two years.

Example of Self Ligating Braces

These self ligating appliances using small doors are the result of years of research and thousands of applications designed to not only be comfortable and gentle but also to deliver the biggest, broadest smile with the WOW FACTOR.

The wires utilized are truly space age and are designed to work with mouth temperature.

Clear aligners are also available including Invisalign and Spark if patients wish to show as little as possible, utilizing removable technology.

Example of Clear Aligners (Invisalign and Spark)

We are confident that our high tech, low discomfort approach will make your experience achieving your smile a pleasant one.

Carriere, Forsus, Herbst, and other devices can dramatically alter the jaw balance helping to correct the over and under bites we see in patients who have not had the benefit of early treatment all without that headgear.

Example of in the mouth jaw correction devices


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