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Welcome to Valley Orthodontic Group

Located within
Happy Campers Pediatric Dentistry

  • Board certified orthodontists Dr. Daniel Grob, Dr. Jason Loop and team work together to create a positive experience and a Great Smile For Life TM. 
  • Our Face First or inside out approach to orthodontics emphasizes  facial features and muscles surrounding the teeth which are so important in creating a lasting and beautiful result.
  • This method of smile design and orthodontics utilizes the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques available. 
  • We utilize Low Dose 3d Digital Imaging and sophisticated bite analysis, combined with over 25 years of clinical experience. 
  • The latest in sterilization procedures are followed. 
  • With thousands of smiles created by Drs. Grob and Loop, you may rest assured that your visits to the office will be rewarding.
  • The Family Smile Plan encourages visits to the orthodontist for patients, from age 6 to age 60  based on Dr. Grob's Treatment by Twelves' TM system. 
  • There are countless benefits to evaluation at all ages even if one is not ready for appliances or braces! 
  • Second opinions are always welcome to discuss the current and future needs for creating that Great Smile!
  • Face First Therapy addresses issues regarding early treatment in addition to focusing on habits and medical conditions. 
  • Many therapies are available and they are valuable for adults as well!
  • Smile With Style and Comfort options include Aligners for the clear alternative and virtually invisible clear appliances from Ormco that SHOW YOUR SMILE AND NOT YOUR BRACES! 
  • Pitts21 and Damon orthodontic braces are not only small but super comfortable and gentle as well.
  • The Affordable Smile Program provides many financing options to meet the needs of your family and budget. We accept virtually every insurance and dental plan and accept assignment of benefits for your convenience. Many special payment plans and fees are available for those without insurance.
  • A Great Smile For Life Guarantee is the basis of our practice, and ensures that you will only pay one treatment fee for life for your Great Smile.
  • The Smiles For Charity Event is our way of celebrating our partners and patients each year with the presentation of gift certificates for complete orthodontic care. Each year, tens of thousands of dollars are raised for charities whose patients or fundraisers play an important part in our practice. These charities include, schools, hospitals and sports teams and leagues.

Learn more about Invisalign treatment.

Whether you are an adult looking to improve your aesthetics or a teen who wants a straight smile without metal brackets or wires, Invisalign is here for you! The clear, removable aligners fit easily into any lifestyle, from balancing work and family to school and extracurricular activities.
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Dr. Daniel Grob
Dr. Jason Loop
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