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Two Phase Treatment

Two Phase or Two Step Treatment

We believe that early orthodontic treatment should be directed at medical issues, eliminating oral habits and correcting jaw growth, tooth eruption problems and jaw joint function: In other words, helping to shape the face for the future.

The simplest explanation is that care is directed at balancing the SMILE BONES which are subject to habits with the JAW bones which are the product of genes and parents. Eliminating harmful bites and habits early allows for better correction later.

Notice this patient first had the underbite corrected then "straightened" the teeth when he was older.

Interceptive and early (Phase 1) orthodontic treatment may be suggested to get teeth to grow into the mouth with limited appliances or retainers or removing a baby tooth or teeth. 

We encourage nasal breathing, chewing with the mouth closed and swallowing with the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

This early evaluation may result in referral for airway and other medical concerns.

The question of course is:

 Will early treatment prevent care at a later date?

Early treatment begins the correction of significant problems and prevents more severe problems from developing. 

Typically, a shortened final phase of treatment (Phase 2) in the teen years, after all the permanent teeth have erupted, completes the correction. 

In MOST situations, early intervention prevents the need to remove permanent teeth later.

In our practice, all treatment fees charged for early treatment are applied towards the Total Treatment Fee which is a part of the Great Smile For Life ™ guarantee and is subject to insurance negotiated fees and limitations.

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