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Comprehensive and Phase 2 Treatment

Phase 2 and Comprehensive Adult

The Twelve-Year Molars are Erupted

Many patients present to the orthodontist with all of their permanent teeth in place and wish to have them aligned.

These patients either have previously been evaluated and placed on a recall schedule for later treatment or have been unable to obtain care at an earlier date.

This is also the period when patients who have had earlier (Phase 1) treatment may return to have their smile and bite perfected.

Patients with all of their permanent teeth in place may either utilize braces or aligners to create the great smile.

Many times, patients present with jaw issues such as underbites and protrusions which may require special devices such as or corrective jaw surgery to balance the face bones.
Some of the specialized devices that are used are:

  • Forsus
  • CS2
  • Carriere
  • TADS

When all of the permanent teeth are in place not only can the alignment be perfected but other corrective measures such as gummy smiles and crooked bites can be addressed often times without the use of invasive surgery.

Other dentists refer patients for treatment of such situations as missing teeth or preparation for cosmetic veneers or “capping” of the teeth.

In all of these cases, Dr. Grob is experienced with treatment proposed by the dentist or other specialist and will work with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques to create that GREAT SMILE FOR LIFE.

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